Stormkast is the oldest and largest frisbeeklubb in the Bergen area.

On these pages thare are alot of info about the sport, the club, locale courses and much more - but only in norwegian.

So on this page we will try to give a short summary of important and usefull information

Merk! Artikkelen er sist endret for 4 år siden. Informasjonen kan være utdatert.


Stormkast is one of the larger clubs in norway and have players of all ages and levels.  Many of our players are in the top of their classes on the national level, and we even have some on a high international level.

But most members play on a recreational level, playing with friends, joining the weekly tournament and maybe a regional tournament from time to time



Send an email to to get in touch with the club



Yearly membership costs 200 nKr.  New members get 3 discs and returning members get one disc each year.

There are no strings attatched, but we are happy when members (and others!) come and help out on "dugnads" (see dugnad on wikipedia) on the course


Weekly round

The club has an informal tournament once a week called Stormcup

In the "bright part" (april-october) of the year this is tuesdays at 1745 in Lynghaugparken.  This is open for all and is free to play, with a voluntary ace pot (10 kr).

Scores can be found here

During the winter we play saturdays at 1200, and this is even more informal...


There are also a biweekly tournament on the Hetlevik course (in Loddefjord) called Kulingcup.  This is played in the summer and on mondays at 1800.



Main Course - Lynghauparken

The only full 18 hole course is located in Lynghaugparken in Fyllingsdalen, only 6-10 minutes outside the city center.

The course is located in a public park and is a mix of short narrow holes in the wood and some more open an longer holes on the open parts.  There are alot of elevation changes that can make the course tricky, specialy on windy days.

Updated coursemap and hole descriptions can be found here (in norwegian) 

Sadly there are little signage on the course and it can be hard to find the first time.  The club is working on getting permission to put up signs and build more tees, but it is recommended to get one of the locale players to show you around the first time.

Please be carefull as there are alot of non players using the park.  Do not throw it is possible that the frisbee might hit someone. Relax, wait, enjoy the rain and after a while it will be safe to throw.


Side dishes - other courses

There are several smaller courses around Bergen.  

A list with courses in and around Bergen and Hordaland can be found here (in norwegian)



On our facebook page you can find more informal info, info lost and found discs, ask if anyone would like to play or just chat.