There are several courses in and around Bergen and here is a short presentation of a couple.


Lynghaugparken is located in Fyllingsdalen only 7-8 minutes by car from the center of Bergen.   The is a full 18-hole course with a good mix of different holes; open and wooded, short and longer and some elevation changes.  The best course in Bergen.

It can be hard to find youre way round the course as there is no/little signage.   This is the most played course in Bergen so there is always someone to play with.  So ask on the facebook page or just go to the course and you will find someone ready to play.


9-hole short course in Åsane, about 20 minutes by car from the city center.   Rather new course and they are working on extending this with more (and longer holes).

Signage is good and it should be easy to play the course on youre own with a course map in hand.


There are two short courses in Frekhaug, both played as 18-hole with fewer baskets.  Its about 40 minutes drive to Frekhaug from Bergen.  But it is worth it if you would like to test youre short game.  There are alot of fun lines and angles to hit on the two very vell kept courses called Haltejohan and Badevika.



Herdla on the north tip of Askøy is the second full 18 hole course near Bergen.  It takes close to an hour to drive to Herdla, but if you would like to test your wind skills, this is the place to go.  There is always wind at Herdla, and with the sea close by this can get scary.

There are both short and rather long holes on Herdla.  You would need someone that knows the course to get round the first time as parts of the course can be hard to navigate.